Lauren and I worked with the teens at Eastside Baptist Church for over ten years before becoming the Pastor.  Our desire for the teens was the same as it is for the entire church: To develop in each individual the desire to know and understand God.

I was born and reared in Peru, South America. My parents work as missionaries in Lima, Peru. While I was in High school I helped my dad with the teen ministry in our Church. It was exciting to see God work I the lives of my friends as they were learning about Him and getting to know Him. I remember think that I really wanted to be a part of helping others get to know God.

I went to Bible college in Florida were I met my best friend and future wife, Lauren. After graduating from college I worked in a Christian school on the island of Guam. It was while at this school that God continued to put the desire in my heart to seen teens come to have an intimate relationship with Him. God challenges us to glory in that we know and understand Him.